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the andersen guy

before buying A/W Replacement Windows
that can save you Thousands!

The top 5 questions or statements we hear from homeowner like yourself! And our responses to those questions.

  1. What is the difference between Andersen Windows we are selling and the replacement divisions we get all the ads from?
    Answer: Their replacement division has their own line of windows they sell exclusively. With traditional Andersen Windows we have up to 6 different lines of replacement windows and patio doors to fit all budget and options. But they don't sell you these lines!
  2. What do you mean by traditional Andersen Windows Lines?
    Answer: Traditional Andersen Windows are what most people believe are new construction windows only. When in fact nearly every window line comes in a replacement window or patio door. The product lines consist of the following...
    • 100 series - An all Fibrex Window (product similar to the replacement division window).
    • 200 series - limited in options and custom sizing on patio doors only.
    • 400 series - #1 selling and most complete line of replacement options.
    • A & E Series - Top line of product with endless options. You dream it! These lines built it!
  3. What's the difference in price?
    Answer: Most homeowners will find us with equal or better products about 15-30% less than the replacement division of Andersen. Yes, even with all their sales  homeowners find savings and comfort in our best price up front approach without the pushy sales pitch!
  4. Is there a difference in warranty?
    Answer: Nearly all of Andersen's products come with same 20 year glass warranty, 10 year on all parts. The difference homeowner will find with the replacement division is they only offer a 2 year workmanship warranty and does not include any staining/varnishing. We offer a 10 year workmanship warranty and this includes all staining/varnishing completed by us. And yes our installation is backed by Andersen with us being a Certified Contractor.
  5. Why does Andersen have a separate window for their replacement division?
    Answer: A bit of an Andersen history lesson here. Back in the mid 90's when Andersen first launched their replacement division, most of the traditional lines of windows were not custom sizeable. Over the last 10 years or so that has all changed. Now the traditional lines of Andersen Windows gives you the most complete replacement options and typically at a significant price savings to you the homeowner when using a Andersen Window Certified Contractor like Superior Windows & Doors

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