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Buying the Right Windows in Minneapolis

Living Room Windows

Selecting windows for your Minneapolis home can be a daunting task. Like any specialized area, window technology is constantly changing and these essential home components can be difficult to understand. Before you make your decision and commit to what will likely be a substantial investment, read on and learn.

TIP 1: Become an educated consumer so that you can make smart decisions about this major investment. You deserve the best value for your hard-earned dollars, and you want windows that you'll never have to replace again.

TIP 2: Select windows with premium-grade vinyl frames and sashes. Technological advancements made over the past decade make vinyl the best material choice for energy efficiency, durability, low maintenance and beauty.

TIP 3: Choose custom-made  windows. Though the initial purchase price may be higher than standard sized windows, they're the best value in the long run because installation is faster and practically no cosmetic  work to the
inside or outside of your home is needed. Plus, an exact fit means better thermal performance and lower energy bills!

TIP 4: Replacing windows is the perfect time to try something different to give your home a fresh, new look. Consider all the various styles, shapes and colors in which windows are now available. Today, window options offer new benefits ”from enhanced security and protection against damaging UV light to sound or energy control and new-found comfort for your home.

TIP 5: Select ENERGY STAR® qualified windows and doors from a manufacturer that participates in the ENERGY STAR program. With continuously rising energy costs, high-performance products will keep your heating and cooling bills lower ”and provide a greater level of comfort for your home.

TIP 6: Choose windows from a specialty dealer who represents a reputable window manufacturer. Consider the growth and stability. What do others, including past purchasers, say about the company? What kind of warranty does it provide?

Choose a Style -

Select the window style that best fit your project needs using this helpful guide.

Casement Windows - Contemporary style with more light and a larger view. Casement windows are more common in newer homes and are typical in the western part of the United States. Pella® casement windows are a great choice where windows can be difficult to reach, such as over the kitchen sink. Our patented Unison Lock system secures both upper and lower locks with a single easy-to-reach handle.

Awning Windows - Similar in design to casement windows, but wider than they are tall. Awning windows are commonly used for ventilation when placed above or below a window or door; they provide more light and are often used in homes with traditional, double-hung windows.

Double-Hung - A more traditional appearance than casement windows. Double-hung windows are common in older homes in the eastern part of the United States. They're a great choice if you want to maximize the amount of wood on the interior of a home. Double-hung windows come in larger widths (up to 45 ) and may help save money ”put one larger window in place of two smaller, narrower casement window.

Bay/Bow Windows - Window combinations that reach out into the world and capture the view in a limited amount of space. Bay windows are typically three windows joined together. The center window is often fixed with operating double-hung or casement windows on the sides. Bow windows consist of four or more casement windows joined together to form a graceful curve.

Fixed Windows - Windows that cannot be opened. Available in a wide range of sizes, in rectangular and custom shapes, and in a variety of standard, feature and custom exterior cladding colors. They can be used by themselves, in a variety of applications or with other products, providing endless possibilities. Fixed frame windows are available in sizes up to 48 square feet.

Circlehead Windows - A little touch that makes a big difference. Circle head windows are designed to fit perfectly over other windows and doors. They can also be beautiful accents on their own.


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