Kitchen Cabinets – Painting Adds Years to Their Life

So your kitchen cabinets are the most dreadful sight in the entire neighborhood. Your even embarrassed to have the neighbor kids over, let alone their parents. It’s big bucks to have them replaced with new, and that vile cleaning job you tried on them just didn’t do the trick. While there’s one other thing you can try […]

The Beauty of Hardwood Floors

Many people favor the look of natural hardwood flooring over that of shiny, finished hardwood floors or other types such as laminate wood flooring, slate flooring, bamboo flooring or even cork flooring. Hardwood flooring has always been the first choice for most home builders, except in warmer climates like Arizona, Florida or Texas. Even today […]

Eco Friendly Renovations – Green Building Ideas

If you are concerned about the environment, and you should be, then you might be considering a green home renovation. A green home is one that will be healthier for your family and for the environment. I will use less precious energy, which will in turn save your precious money. There really is something in […]

Is a Family Room Addition Right for Your Minnesota Home?

Has your family outgrown the space in your Minnesota home? Are you unhappy with your first-floor layout because you don’t have a secluded family space? Are you embarrassed when guests have to pick their way between the toys on the floor or climb over toys to find a place to sit? Would you love to […]

Bathroom Sinks Do Matter

If you are planning on updating your Minneapolis bathroom, your bathroom sinks are just as important to update as any other element in the bathroom. There are many areas that you can change, but the sink adds a lot of character and style to the room, more so than other elements. While others offer nothing but a […]

Buying the Right Windows in Minneapolis

Selecting windows for your Minneapolis home can be a daunting task. Like any specialized area, window technology is constantly changing and these essential home components can be difficult to understand. Before you make your decision and commit to what will likely be a substantial investment, read on and learn. TIP 1: Become an educated consumer […]

What Are the Benefits of a Sunroom

A sun room can be great not only for increasing house value but also it can be an extra, impressive room for the house. There are many great things that can be added to a Minnesota home to add extra value to it as well as personality and to also help make living easier. One thing that […]

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