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What You Need to Know About Double Glazed Windows

Living Room Windows Every Minnesota homeowner is striving for ultimate energy efficiency and cost savings on their utility bills. Hiring a remodeling company to perform a window replacement could do just that if you choose double glazed windows.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, approximately 25% of the average American's annual heating and cooling costs is attributed to energy loss through windows, so making sure that a handymaninstalls an energy-efficient window type and that you are maintaining the condition of the windows is crucial.

What Are Double Glazed Windows?

Double glazed (or double pane) windows involve multiple glass panes. Within the panes is a layer of gas, and once the unit is sealed, it is airtight. Their use is becoming more common because of their energy-saving qualities, and hiring a handymanto install double glazed windows with a 10 to 20 mm space in between the panes is recommended for maximum energy efficiency.

Advantages of Double Glazed Windows

  • They can decrease energy utilization up to 18% in warm climates and 24% in cool climates.
  • The multiple panes are more durable than a single pane, adding more protection against break-ins.
  • More high-quality models can give you energy savings of up to 50%.
  • The sealed air gap between the panes serves as an additional layer of insulation and thermal resistance.
  • The increased insulation of the panes allows you to use your heating and cooling systems less because maintaining the desired temperature of your home during warm and cool months is easier.
  • They limit the amount of solar heat and light entering your home, preventing the fading of carpet, paintings, and furniture.
  • They reduce the transfer of noise from indoors to outdoors and vice versa.
  • The inside pane remains at room temperature, preventing the formation of condensation and the growth of mold and mildew.
  • Because of their many benefits, they increase your home's property value.

If you are trying to limit your household's energy usage and would like to see the number on your energy bill decrease, contact Superior Windows & Doors, and an experienced Minnesota handyman will help you choose the best double glazed windows for your home.


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